About Us

International Blockchain Legal, LLP

Who Are We?

A Distributed law firm for technologists, innovators, and high-level industry participants

International Blockchain Legal, LLP (IBL Partners) is a technology-forward distributed law firm. Built in 2018, IBL Partners leverages technology to deliver professional and sophisticated legal services for innovators in the technology sector.

Advances in Blockchain and DLT are poised to change the world. Unfortunately, government agencies and corporate stakeholders are still playing catch-up. IBL Partners leverages its collective regulatory experience and expertise in technology to navigate regulatory uncertainty and offer clients comprehensive legal support.

Our Philosophy

We are a group of blockchain attorneys who constantly monitor recent industry trends and global regulatory developments. We help entrepreneurs reach their industry-changing potential while ensuring that they meet their regulatory demands and necessary corporate frameworks. In addition to counseling blockchain-based startup companies, we also help non-blockchain companies apply DLT innovations to their existing businesses, while ensuring that all regulatory concerns are properly addressed.

our team of former industry insiders offers up-to-date compliance guidance, as well as representation in enforcement litigation.

our distributed firm model enables us to adapt to your needs more effectively.