Regulation and Policy


  • Regulatory coverage and clarification inquiries (including no-action and other inquiry letters)
  • Crypto-mining and related energy and environmental concerns
  • Assessing political initiatives (including proposed statutes and regulations by U.S. and foreign regulators and international institutions) 
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)


States and federal agencies have begun drafting bills and establishing policies to regulate blockchain and products stemming therefrom. However, as with many other areas, the industry may be evolving faster than the law. Blockchain projects and digital asset issuers may face severe consequences for failing to navigate evolving regulatory rapids, and so many turn to counsel. At IBL, we strive to provide our clients with up-to-date and efficient legal advice in these times of regulatory uncertainty.

Practicing Attorneys

Aaron Krowne

Alexander Rodriguez

Ali Derie

Christopher Ray

Atilla Baksay

Meghan Pratschler

Richard Nacht

Matthew Bouillon Mascareñas

Amanda Comas

Laura "LC" Cole